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CECsas사는 1964년에 설립된 이탈리아 업체로써 자동차 구성품에 대한 테스트 장비와 Power Semiconductors 테스트 장비를 생산하는 업체입니다.
주요고객으로는 FIAT Auto, FERRARI, BOSCH spa, IVECO Italia, TRW Safety system spa, 등이 있습니다.

홈페이지 :


Body Stiffness
Body Stiffness is a sophisticated and effective equipment developed for automatic check of the elasticity performance, under mechanical torsion and flexsure, of vehicles body.
The system can also perform a real time detection and analysis of the elastic flexural deformation of the body over all the testing time

More information : Body Stiffness.pdf
Doors opening/ closing fatigue test
This Bench is a sum of different constructors specifications relative to doors testing and electric glasses lift.
It is possibile open and close doors by an angle more than 150° with different speed, ramps, accelerations, stop points with a very wide range of possibilities.

More information : Doors opening_closeing fatigue test.pdf
Trunk and Bonnet fatigue test
This equipment constitutes a ligthweight and hard system for automatic fatigue and endurance tests of opening and closing trunk doors and bonnet of any kind of vehicles.
The system uses an arm, driven by brushless motor, mounted on a column in vertical position

More information : Trunk and Bonnet fatigue test.pdf
Leafspring test
Leaf Spring Test Bench is a high-evaluation equipment that is specially designed for automatically tests of all types of leaf springs. Machine design is based on a powerfull computer interfaced with the data acquisition system and with specific measurement equipments.
This solution guarantee very easy maintenance. The reliability obtained is the result of constant research combined with very strict selection of the individual components used; 100% testing and inspection of parts is assured before assembly.

More information : leafspring test.pdf
Pendulum Impactor - Car Seat testing
The basic principle of the Pendulum Impact Tester is to use the kinetic energy of a rotating pendulum hammer to impact test samples and measure the energy absorption of the sample.
This bench applies to simulate the impact of the head against the seat headrest.

More information : Pendulum Impactor(Car seat testing).pdf
Ram Impactor - Car Door inside Panel testing
This Bench is a model developed for crash & impact test of parts of vehicles. This bench applies to the simulation test about impact of uman body against the car door inside panel; it is done in order to verify that the panel is responding to the appliable safety rules.

More information : Ram Impactor(Car door inside panel testing)_CECsas.pdf
Electric Motors Seat
This bench is a powerful system to test all the car seat electric motors.
The system, is able to simultaneously manage all the motors and to acquire all relative data.

More information : Electric motors seat.pdf
Variable sloping ramp
Sloping Ramp applies to verify over long time the efficiency of standing (hand) brake of vehicles at different gradient (variable from 1% to 66%).
Sloping Ramp is a very simple-to-use equipment manufactured for use in outdoor testing.

More information : Variable sloping ramp.pdf


We customize the software according to the reports required by our customers.
Control and measurement software, multi-channel and expandable, compatible with the usually available commercial hardwares (National Instruments or similar) also as upgrade of existing systems.
Onboard applications, low-cost applications, automatic control and acquisition systems according to the customer's test reports.
Software for high frequency stimuli, noise detection, resonating parts breaking detection.

Power Semiconductor Testers

A modular architecture for power semiconductors testing.
  • discrete components or modules
  • reverse voltages up to 2500V @ 50mA
  • forward currents up to 6000A @ 35V
  • gate parameters (iGBT, MOSFET, SCR)

    Tester oriented to
  • components manufacturers: end-of-line or before- assembly test
  • components user and assemblers: class selection, incoming material quality check, final product test
  • laboratories: components characterization, stress tests

    Usual static tests performed:
  • Reverse voltage: blocking voltage, reverse leakage current, voltage class selection, surge test with reapplied reverse voltage
  • Direct bias: forward voltage drop, temperature rise
  • Gate parameters: threshold current and voltage (Igt, Vgt), lath current, hold current, leakage current and trigger voltage on insulated gate

    - Easy to use, although complete and fully configurable
    - It requires no particular expertize, nor software writing Error proof: it cannot be damaged by improper programming
    - It can work as a stand-alone equipment, or together with an external automation, either in master or slave mode

    More information : Power semicontuctors.pdf

  • Moog integrations

    Our custom solution exported to France, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, China and Russia, are relative to testing of :

    Air Bag, Motors, Steering, Electric And Manual Glass Lifters, Antiskid, Batteries, Door Lockers, Gear, Gear Boxes, Safety Belts, Lights And Electric Components, Brakes, Level Indicators, Motors Test Rooms, Electric Motors, Fuel Pumps, Rain And Dust Tests.