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Falcon사는 독일 뮌헨에 위치한 회사로 High-speed Video Software 분야에서 25년의 경험을 바탕으로 최신의 제품을 고객에게 제공하며 국제적인 기준이 되는 데이터 인터페이스를 지속적으로 개발하고 있습니다. 주요고객으로는 AUDI AG, BMW AG, Daimler AG, Fiat Auto S.p.A, Volkswagen AG 등이 있습니다.

홈페이지 :

Target group

- Technical users of high-speed imaging and digital video technique.
- Typical types of problem are the qualitative check and the quantitative analysis of time and motion:
  • Visual assessment, quality control, presentation
  • Analysis of component tests, spot checks (measuring in single frames)
  • Analysis of high-g tests, motion studies (tracking of markers)

  • Products
    High-speed Video Software / Analysis Software

    FalCon eXtra
    FalConXtra contains modules for image acquisition, video processing, visualization of multi-media test data as well as for analysis of image sequences.
    FalCon Xtra covers the complete range of tasks in impact testing and supports all available standards.
    ▶ Main Features

    The system FalCon eXtra offers the following functions especially adapted to the requirements in the crash area of the automotive industry:

  • Set up and control high-speed cameras and download images
  • Preprocess images adaptively and create AVI sequences
  • Show AVIs and measurement graphs synchronously with respect to time
  • Merging and Comparing multiple image sequences
  • Track markers in sequences applying precise automatic measuring methods
  • Measure geometric features with graphical tools
  • 3D analysis of dynamic motions
  • Dynamic analysis of 6D motions of rigid objects
  • Measure automatically airbag outlines
  • Calibrate measurement data (2D and 3D)
  • Apply quality assurance by camera calibration
  • The following program packages may be combined individually and can be licensed separately. They are integrated within a uniform MS-Windows compliant user interface:

    FalCon Imager Control

    The Scalable Tool for Performing Tests:

    Control, Reading, Editing, Optimizing, Image Distortion Correction and AVI Generation for all modern High-Speed Video Digital Cameras
    FalCon eXtra Quick View

    The Fitting Tool for Digital High-Speed Videos:

    Control Cameras, Optimize Sequence Pictures, Create AVIs and View AVIs Synchronized with Measured Data
    FalCon eXtra Frame Merge

    The module Frame Merge offers you the comparison of several video sequences by image superposition /overlay or by split-screen/mosaic.
    Create descriptive result movies for documentation or representation
    FalCon eXtra Animator3AX
    FalCon eXtra MovXact

    The FalCon MovXact module allows you to precisely analyze image sequences with the methods of 2D image measurement technology.
    In addition to robust, automatic marker tracking, task-specific calibration and processing of measurement results is supported.
    Measurement graphs and individual measurement values are displayed to fit the image data precisely, are shown numerically, and are written to standardized file formats.
    FalCon eXtra Mov3D
    The image analysis software Mov3D offers you the possibility to analyze 3D motion of dynamic recordings:
    Using the 2D module MovXact you track objects in several stereoscopic views. Photogrammetric methods (“triangulation”) enable you to calculate 3D curves.
  • Easy management of multi views within one test file
  • Interface to 3D control points
  • New type of marker CODE (= coded ring marker, by AICON)
  • Calculation of camera position using known control points
  • Calibration of camera and lens with powerful distortion correction.
  • (Use drag&drop from module CamFolder)
  • 3D calibration and output of x-y-z displacement/time diagrams(with a-v differentiation etc. see MovXact)

  • FalCon eXtra Mov3D

    The image analysis software Mov6D offers you the possibility to analyze 6D motion of rigid objects by the means of one camera.
    The 6D-parameters contain position (x, y, z) and orientation ( w j k ) in space.

    A so-called 6D-object consists of at least four markers, whose geometry to each other mustn’t vary (= “rigid” by definition). You just have to enter the pre-measured control point data into the program, which determine the geometric model.
    FalCon eXtra MovBag
    The analysis program FalCon eXtra MovBag extracts outlines and& corresponding measurement values from airbag test scenes:
  • Automatic measurement of time-variant contour graphs.
  • Display in the image overlay and diagram
  • Evaluation of specific measurement values: maximum expansion, area, center of gravity (output and display accordingly to analysis system eXtra MovXact)
  • Measurement of discrete points, markers or areas/patches
  • Calibration of results with free selection of the coordinate system
  • Export into Multi-D format, DIAdem etc.
  • FalCon eXtra CamFolder
    The Quality Assurance in Image Analysis: Camera Calibration and Distortion Measurements (ISO)
  • Calibrate cameras with a powerful range of distortion parameters
  • Calculate the distortion index according to ISO 8721 / SAE-J211/2 Rev. Mar95
  • View the results graphically
  • Folder file with camera/lens combinations
  • Access and view of camera data by tree view: camera name - lens name (focal length) - calibration (focusing + date)
  • 2D or 3D test field with pre-measured control points e.g. from AICON
  • Support automatic setup by coded marker targets (AICON)
  • FalCon Customer View
  • Easy to handle data distribution
  • Free grouping within the data structure
  • Definition of layouts
  • Automatic creation of customer copies
  • Charge free distribution of the viewing part to your ?customers“
  • Easy to understand
  • A full set of features more
  • FalCon Quick View DB

    The Comprehensive Tool for Impact Tests:
    Execution, Storage & Backup of Tests,
    Navigation and Viewing of Digital Videos and Measured Data

    FalCon QuickView DB is more than a product, it is a concept. It consists basically of two separate programs: a database server and a client program.

    The features offered by the server include automatic data backup, CD burning, access protocols, access protection, automatic data importing and much more.