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Capacitec사는 미국 보스톤에 위치한 회사로 ISO9001에 대한 비접촉 센서, 갭 센서, 홀 프로브 등을 디자인 및 생산하며 이에 따른 하드웨어 및 소프트웨어 프로그램 등을 지원합니다. 비접촉 센서 분야에서 25년 이상의 경험 및 노하우로 전 세계 1,000개 이상의 업체와 함께 하고 있습니다.

홈페이지 :

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Coating/ Printing / Copying
  • Extreme Environment
  • High Temperature/ Cryogenic
  • Power Generation

  • Products
    Displacement Sensing Systems

    A Capacitec non-contact displacement sensor system is configured as follows:

    HPB Series Button Probes HPC Series Cylindrical Probes HPT Series Threaded Probes
    GPS & HPS Series Thin Capacitive Sensors for Air Gaps Single Channel Capacitance Amplifier Triple Channel Semi Portable Non-Contact Capacitive
    4000 Series Non-Contact Capacitive Displacement Modular Amplifier 5000 Series Modular Non-Contact Capacitive Displacement Coaxial Cables & Connectors
    Stands & Accessories Bargrafx™ Linigage

    Gap Measurement Systems

    A Capacitec non-contact gap sensor system is configured as follows:

    Thin Gap Sensors Industrial Gap Sensors and Wands Spring Contact Gap Sensors
    Gapman Gapmaster3 4000 Series Non-Contact Capacitive Displacement Modular Amplifier
    5000 Series Modular Non-Contact Capacitive Displacement Coaxial Cables & Connectors Wand Positioning
    Gap Calibration Bargrafx™ Linigage

    Hole Measuring System

    Capacitec offer two options for hole measurement systems :

    1. CMS-3 Non-contact Portable Bore Diameter Measurement
    CMS-3 Instrumentation - Quick and Accurate Measurement of Fastener Holes with Minimum Operator Induced Error: Structural QA of airframes and other industrial assemblies may require inspection of thousands of fastener holes to insure compliance to design specifications. The CMS-3 handheld instrumentation and mating CHP (Capacitance Hole Probe) probe series comprise a highly accurate system that reduces test time while minimizing operator induced error.

    The CMS-3 uses up to 48 Sensor elements to inspect the inside diameter of a fastener hole at 24 locations, in one insertion, in one second. In addition to “PASS/FAIL” indication, the CMS-3 can interface with industry standard SPC data collectors such as the Allen-Bradley DataMyte for in-process trend analysis.

    Hole Diameter Hole Mapping Probes
    CHP Probe Series - Multi-Sensor Probe Design Enables Comprehensive Hole Measurement and Profiling: CHP probes are available in a range of diameters and lengths with up to 48 individual sensors located axially and along the probe surface. Diameter measurements as well as fastener hole shape are obtained through the entire grip length of the hole. In contrast, older mechanical contact methods only characterize the fastener hole at one location at a time.

    CHP Probes can measure:
    - Straight Holes
    - Tapered Holes
    - Countersink Diameters
    - Grip Length

    Hole Measurment System Advantages:
    High-Speed, High-precision measurement of straight, tapered or countersink fastener holes
    Immediate Pass/Fail display of hole quality
    Interface with industry standard data collectors for SPC trend analysis
    Typical gage R&R of 0.0003”
    Dramatically increases measurement throughput while minimizing operator induced errors
    Multi-sensor probe design for rapid, single-insertion comprehensive hole measurement and profiling

    2. Capacitec hole measurement system using Capacitec Non-contact displacement sensors installed into Bore Probes and connected to Capacitec modular electronics

    The selection of which Capacitec modular electronic systems to use in conjunction with capacitive bore probes depends on several factors including:

  • number of sensors used in the probe
  • bore probe outside diameter
  • countersink measurement requirements
  • hand-held or automated insertion
  • material layer thickness specification
  • real-time measurement software
  • accuracy and linearization required
  • long cable length option

    Based on the customer's specification on features and benefits these are among the typical choices:

    Triple Channel Electronics

    The triple channel is a semi portable non-contact capacitive instrumentation package that can be used with capacitive bore gauges containing 3 non-contact displacement sensors.

    5000 Series Modular Non-Contact Capacitive Displacement Electronics

    The digital 5000 Series Modular non-contact capacitive displacement instrumentation packages are the next generation to the 4000 series. Introduced in 2005, they provide the latest state-of-the-art electronics and offer significant added value to users such as:
  • On-board digital linearization (linearity to ±0.1% of full scale)
  • Pushbutton calibration - no potentiometers
  • Switch selectable filter response: 3.1kHz, 5.7kHz, 8.1kHz, & optional 11.2kHz, to +/-3dB
  • Variable frequency excitation switch
  • Improved performance and stability with high temperature and long cable length probes

    4000 Series Non-Contact Capacitive Displacement

    The 4000 Series Modular and the NEW 410-XS Mini-modular non-contact capacitive displacement instrumentation. The modular amplifier cards are designed to operate with every probe diameter configuration and several sensitivity ranges by simple recalibration

  • Straight Hole Probes Tapered Hole Probes Non-contact Capacitive Hole Diameter Sensor Probes
    CMS-3 Portable Hole Mapping Portable Electronic Package Modular Electronic Package Options Cables & Connectors
    CMS-3 Hole Measurement Calibration Rings & Accessories CMS-3 Hole Measurement and Mapping Display Software Hole Measurement Real-time Software