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CL600X2 (Small, smaller, CL600x2!)
  • Resolution of 1280 x 1024 Pixel
  • 500 fps with full resolution
  • Increase of speed in X- and Y-resolution
  • Free adjustable exposure times down to 1 microsecond, freely independent from the framerate
  • CameraLink interface
  • External trigger and synchronization input and output
  • Extremely high sensitivity of 2500 ASA
  • C-Mount
  • Inclusive power supply
    The new CL600x2 high speed camera with CameraLink interface uses the newest sensor technology and comes with a very high light sensitivity.

    Direct streaming into the PC-RAM or on hard disk is possible using CameraLink framegrabber. Unlimited recording times are possible, only defined by the size of the hard disks.

    The camera has a trigger input as well as synchronization input and output.

    The sensor resolutions are free definable in X and Y direction. The reduction in both resolutions results in a higher frame rate (for example 512 x 512 pixel with 2100 fps).

  • CL4000CXP
    CL4000CXP CoaxPress

  • 500 images per second with full resolution
  • Sensor resolution 4MPixel
  • CoaxPress high-speed interface
  • Monochrome / Color
  • Real-time image data transfer
  • Very high lihgt sensitivity

  •      CL4000CXP_engl_A.pdf