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Track measurement technology
HuDe Track Measurement System

Track measurement system for existing and new carrier vehicles

More information : HuDe Track measurement : HuDe Track measurement.pdf
Measuring and testing technology for research and development
HuDe Pantographs Test Unit

More information : HuDe Pantographs Test Unit : HuDe Pantograph Test Unit.pdf
Special rail service cars and systems
Rail grinding units
To raise the driving comfort for passenger in light rail systems the HuDe grinding bogie allows the effective and very quiet grinding of railway surfaces.

The HuDe grinding bogie can be combined with new and existing railway vehicles. The grinding bogie is equipped for sliding operation as well as oscillating grinding. A high pressure cleaning system reduces the maintenance costs and keeps the dust away from the aggregate of the grinding bogie.
It is possible to implemented different types of grinding stones.
Track Clearance Measurements
New HuDe system for measurement of track clearance.

The HuDe measuring system for track clearance is mainly used in metro area. The verification of compliance with the clear area is required by law to maintain the safety of rail operations and therefore of considerable importance.
Automation and traction control units
The HuDe automation and drive systems for railway vehicles are built up to be especially suitable for modernization of measurement cars and also for integration in existing railway vehicles, which are normally used for other purposes.

The power supply for the HuDe automation and drive systems can be provided by the existing railway vehicles. If necessary the needed voltages were transformed out of the supplied voltages. This ensures a high mobility and availability of the HuDe automation and drive systems.
Special railway vehicles
The special HuDe rail-maintained vehicles have been developed especially for the needs in local traffic maintenance and avoid cost effective prototypes.

Following vehicles can be offered:
  • Wrecking vehicles
  • Bulk transport vehicles
  • Combined material and persons transport units
  • Carrier vehicles for grinding or measuring technology
  • Multifunctional vehicles
  • Tramways for goods