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Temperature Measurement System TC300
Our customers expect not only any new temperature gauge but a measuring system which is working reliably and absolutely exactly under extreme conditions also and in the long run available out of our house.

Compromise solutions which lead to unforeseeable subsequent costs and mistakes in the quality assurance and development often don't correspond to the specifications of critical users.

After the respective requirements of the measurement task type and number of measuring channels can be arranged arbitrarily. Expansions are afterwards possible any time, too.

Measuring and testing technology for the quality assurance

More information : HuDe Pantographs Test Unit : HuDe Pantograph Test Unit.pdf

Interfacer 4 - measuring and control system
Practical experience and consistent further development tell more than 10 year the measuring, control and automation engineering, in the INTERFACER 4 from all areas.

Freely configurable measuring and control system for production, production control, quality assurance, research, development...