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The airbag gas generator is component of a restraint system and has the task of taking an airbag to function ready condition at ignition by a sensor.Be the gas generators ignited in a closed pressure container (can) and the pressure/time diagram recorded by means of a piezoelectric pressure sensor built-in in the can in connection with the computer-controlled measuring and igniting plant INTERFACER 4 as a transient function to this proof and weighted (can test). Being taken from pressure values and reaction times from this pressure curve which must lie within predefined limits (identification countries).

This examination is, carried out in three storage temperature ranges (+85?degrees Celsius, +22?degrees Celsius-35?degrees Celsius) how an identification field of one's own is assigned to every examining temperature. Tax functions in addition are integrated, which switch on e.g. the hovering and activate warning flashing lamps as well as prevent an unintentional ignition over the safety circles.

For this measurement task a can test program of one's own which is tuned to the task in accordance with QS measures, the measuring technique hardware and the interests of the users has been developed

The airbag module manufacturer who integrates these modules into the steering wheel uses this system as receipt of goods control. The gas-generator producer however develops, optimize and the generator follow-up generation stabilizes with the above-mentioned hard and software in the college of technology and need pressure channels additional it to examine e.g. the inside pressure in the gas generator in several places. On the other hand he uses same technology for the generator series supervision, however, needs functions to this which steers several can systems due to the examining frequency, managed, and must submit the data to the QS net of his own.

The test attitude, and a statistical evaluation of the results is carried out by means of the graphic using surface of the software control evaluation, representation, record keeping. The release of a production lot is essentially based on the results of these can tests. Since because of the destroying examination a test expiry cannot be repeated with the same test object, the possibility must be given to be able to take all decisions also visually from the recorded data for the QS employee. To this are integrated into the software tools, which supervise the functions of the hardware, carry out statistical evaluations, generate graphic sum representations and allow an export of the data to strange programs.