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The camera placing system makes possible for cameras adjusting the horizontal and/or vertical position of one or several automatically. These cameras are used mainly in examinations of vehicle partial components, such as airbags, sidebags, instrument panels, door facings etc.. By use of such placing systems on the one hand time expensive one putting work is avoided and the examining throughput increased by it, e.g. the acquisition of additional cameras on the other hand can hereby be avoided at a fast position change.

A Windows application steers the test value recording and automation system.

The first attitude of the camera position is manually carried out via an industry joy-stick. Specifications of the objective attitude like Iris, Focus and zoom lens are carried out via the computer keyboard. If the camera and the objective for the respective examinee placed optimally is, the attitude is stored as record in a database. For the attitude of predefined positions the corresponding record is read from the database and the necessary movement carried out. An activation of position events can be carried out via a dynamic data interchange (DDE) out of other Windows applications.

Glass scales installed horizontally and vertically grasp the current camera position and therefore compare the is with the set point. Final switches installed correspondingly prevent the damage to the camera. About a cable collector a chain consisting of joints is, stocked this one brings the energy and camera cables of the pan-/ tending unity.

With the separately adjustable pan and tending unity a horizontal trick area of 300?and a vertical trick area of ?90?can be adjusted. In the case that the "need shutdown" is activated safety brakes provide a direct and smoothed interruption of the camera. The linear positioning is carried out with high-resolution servo drives

The complete mechanical construction, the electrical wiring, the adaption of the camera system, the tax program as well as the installation and putting into operation of the complete system are part of the scope of supply in the work of the customer.