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The body stocking block test serves the steering wheel manufacturer and his customers for the proof that steering wheel produced the corresponding regulations of the ECE-R 12 this filled. Gets a 35 kilograms heavier upper part of the body torso, its composition into the ECE-R 12 is defined, skidded with a speed of at least 24.1 km/h in the free flight against a steering wheel fitted rigidly with the adapter hub.

Bodywork parts, disguising have optionally etc. m checked with this plant for themselves. The load on the examinee mustn't exceed 11.11 kN. The test bed is built up so that the torso is suspended at the piston bar of the catapult adapted by means of a photo. The pressure becomes the piston moved, bar hired by the computer to 3.5 fine stepped this one in a pneumatics top-hat. Through this the impact speed of the torso can be adjusted except for at most 30 km/h.

The torso meets the steering plant at the "shooting", this one is so mounted at a rigid steel construction that, before the impact, its H point lies in the horizontal level which goes by the R point given by the vehicle manufacturer.

The impact speed of the torso on the steering plant is, mounted by each other with a defined distance, light barriers includes by means of two. A third light barrier can optionally unite or several airbags ignite. The impact force of the torso includes one three component strength integrated in the steering plant on-recipient. The on blowing pressure of the airbag can be measured with a pressure sensor built-in in the steering plant at an airbag ignition on request. A High speed video camera which records frames/s in a loft up to 4500 is used for the supervision and optimization of the torso free flight and for the additional regulation of the speed as well as the cut and on blowing time with respect to the moment of ignition. The picture information taken digitally can over a video screen visualized and on a video recorder or one CD-ROM be stored.

The camera is started with the ignition of the airbag module. The complete examining stand control, test value recording, evaluation and supervision of all security functions become realizes about the program. It makes the petition of the steering wheel characteristics and the specifications possible for the operator over a menu led using surface for the exercise as well as the query of the examining parameters, such as torso impact velocity and igniting delay for the airbag ignition. All petitions are stored in a library. The measurements found out can be represented in curve form to whose analysis a zoom lens function is available. With the colour printer integrated in the examining plant curve graphics can be distributed. For the data export in word processing and spreadsheet programs further functions are available. A fence prevents entering the plant during the test.