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The head impact test serves the manufacturer of steering wheels, seats, head-rests, instrument panels etc. and the customers for the proof that the products fulfill the corresponding regulations of the ECE-R 12. A rigid examining head is accelerated with a mass of 6.8 kilograms and a diameter from 165 mm on a speed of at least 24.1 km/h.

The examining head shall feign the impact of the human head on the examinee during an accident. Measured over 3 ms, predefined in terms of as a permitted limiting value a middle delay of 80 g is. For the production of the impact velocity the gravitational force is made use of, i.e. the examining head beats led out of a defined height linearly on the examinee. This test bed is realized by means of a 5 m high aluminium profile framework. In this the examining head which is put together on one over engine and sledge placing destitute of toothed belts becomes on the examining height driven and there fixed by the computer by means of an electromagnet automatically. The examining head falls virtually friction freely at the triggering of the examination about a computer order on the examinee.

The impact delay of acceleration sensors integrated with two in the examining head is measured in it. The arithmetical average of both sensors is then judged as a test result. The impact speed of the head on the examinee is, mounted by each other with a defined distance, light barriers includes by two. A third light barrier can optionally unite or several airbags ignite. The on blowing pressure of the airbag can be measured with a pressure sensor built-in in the examinee photo at an airbag ignition on request. A High speed video camera which records frames/s in a loft up to 4500 can be used for the supervision and optimization of the head impact test and for the additional regulation of the speed as well as the cutting and on blowing time with respect to the moment of ignition. The version of the digitally stored picture information is carried out via a video screen and the safeguarding of the data on a video recorder or CD-ROM. The camera is started with the ignition of the airbag module.

A fence prevents entering the plant during the test. The complete examining stand control, test value recording, evaluation and supervision of all security functions become realizes about the program. It makes the petition of the examinee characteristics and the specifications possible for the operator over a menu led using surface for the exercise as well as the query of the examining parameters, such as head impact speed and igniting delay for the airbag ignition. All petitions are stored in a library. The measurements found out can be represented in curve form to whose analysis a zoom lens function is available. With the colour printer integrated in the examining plant curve graphics can be distributed. Further functions stand by the data export in word processing and spreadsheet programs at the disposal.