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In today's time are to spirit away airbag systems of the car no more. These passive security systems must undergo a variety of tests before they may be installed into vehicles. Most tests are made by destroying examinations and accompany all phases of the production of an airbag. The static pilot plant serves for the quality control of airbag modules put together. At this method the Static-Deployment test (SDT) for which a modular system is explained in the following is used. 

At the SDT software himself got decided for a windows application. The surface conveys familiarity to the operator and ensures an easy handling. The requirements made to the software which appear in the airbag examination were disregarded not at all. It serves under the conditions for the analysis of one or multi-level airbag systems as they also appear in the real use of vehicles. At the method you pay attention on a greatest possible variability which isn't reflected only in the functionality of the product but also in the storage of the measured data. The measured data can for example alternatively (such as in all common formats: to, .xls) be stored to make in addition further processing easier with other programs. The measuring, calculation, representation, record keeping and documentation of following sizes are possible with the HuDe Static Deployment test:

     ㆍEnvironmental temperature, igniter resistance with 2 or leader technology,
     ㆍTrigger current/trigger voltage as f (t) from these: Moment of ignition, trigger current, trigger voltage and igniting energy,
     ㆍOn breaking time (tear up the top), air bag on blowing time,
     ㆍTrain and pressure strength which the on blowing process produces at the steering wheel hub,
     ㆍInside pressure measuring/temperature measurement in the air bag,
     ㆍLong time temperature recording

Furthermore can optionally be used the splitting or on filling time with respect to the moment of ignition high speed camera for analytical examinations and for the regulation. About an interface the pictures will be read directly into the computer to determine the on blowing time of the air bag u.v.m..  To this a picture evaluation software is this one is enclosed integrated into the available surface to avoid superfluous program changes. This offers this one possibilities processing, such as contrast or brightness changes, the available pictorial material afterwards. Furthermore text information and graphics also can be inserted in the video digitally. One quartz controlled photo rate makes the exact temporal assignment of the events possible in the direct reference to the igniting triggering. This makes this possible the picture information all camera in a video together with the software join together.

Format, medium (CD and DVD etc.) known convertedly and on everybody into a standard AVI format is stored to fulfil the documentation duty be able to do the digitally stored picture information, from everybody.

Another important aspect is here this one automation should be mentioned. We come back here to the user of the program who handles the program in the end every day. With the airbag test software it is possible to steer the largest portion of the on blowing examination from the computer. In this the integration of available components plays an important role. Normally become here: 

ㆍVentilation systems,
ㆍClimatic chambers (into-/ directly),
ㆍLights systems,
ㆍDoor lockings,
ㆍID card reader,
ㆍCamera positioning systems,
ㆍHigh speed camera,
ㆍmechanical transportation systems (shuttles),
ㆍLight barriers,
ㆍelectronic balances
ㆍor bar code reader

integrated into the existing program. In principle every device is responsive, however, that (serial, parallel, USB etc.) have a standard interface. This ensures the operator a high degree of operator safety since a permanent supervision of all assemblies takes place during the complete test preparation and execution. Decades for a long time experience in the field of the examining stand making are of benefit to the customer here.

And so simply it can go:

With the ID card reader which authorized, the user became, by head pressure runs the complete examination through. The doors to the test room are closed automatically and the camera taken to the place defined before by the positioning systems. The examinee is driven with the help of a shuttle from the automated climatic chamber which an examination makes possible below different temperatures. The lights systems are switched on. The examinee gets his igniting impulse the key switch with the turn over while the camera start with the photo at the same time.

After the test the camera complete the photo, this lights system switches itself off and the hovering runs a pre-particular time. Only after this the entrance doors are authorized again. All the program stores the bar code of the components, the measured values, of the operator given test data and test attitudes now to guarantee a complete documentation. This method made possible to be able to obtain a reproducibility of the process of examining around any time comparable results. The test evaluation is directly possible since the measured values are immediately distributed on the screen. However, the airbag isn't the application of the software on on blowing test limits but can used so well exactly to test seat belt tensioners or belt strength delimiter systems be.


The HuDe Static Deployment test software runs below all Windows 32 bits of operating systems. The HuDe Interfacer 4 which makes the data interchange possible between PC and the test equipment is central measuring and tax system (see illustration). The communication is carried out via an IEEE 488 interface, however, also can be carried out serially, about Ethernet or USB. The PC can when required be tied into every company network.

The customer prefers a complete test room with room supervision and camera positioning systems or a simple test bed now, the HuDe SDT software offers a complete solution for individual airbag test procedures together with the examining plant whether.