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The airbag module becomes stretched on a device which corresponds to the installation situation of the module in the automobile and ignited rigidly on blowing test at the airbag. As a rule, this device is a modified original steering wheel at the driving purity. For the regulation of the cut and on blowing time with respect to the moment of ignition a High speed video camera which records frames/s in a loft up to 4500 is used.

The digitally stored picture information is distributed on a video screen and saved on a video recorder for the fulfilment of the documentation duty. The pictures can be read, represented and put down on a video disk also directly into the computer about an interface. One can optionally picture is delivered to out judging software, with this one the on blowing speed of the air bag etc. can be certainly. The camera is started with the ignition of the airbag module. A watch co-running in the camera makes the temporal assignment of the events to the igniting triggering possible.

More High speed video camera can be steered by the controller.

A 'rupture joint' is constructively integrated in the top, shall tear this one up evenly and not hinder the on blowing process. This process starts approx. 5 ms after the ignition and is described as on breaking time. The on blowing time however is the time which passes until a protection capably filled air bag is puffed-up. As a rule, this is the case at 28-35 ms in which the times given here depend on the module temperature. The strengths are recorded during the on blowing process over a strength measuring can integrated in the on-instep device. You give information about the dynamic events which take place during this test.

Supplementary to it can be registered with the help of a pressure sensor at the module as a function of time do the air bag for development technical examinations inside pressure. This on blowing examination is steered with the same measuring plant which also is used for the can test examination. The program for the on blowing examination has been developed especially and is based on function modules of the can test program.

Functions which safeguard the test room, which switch on lights for the video camera time correctly, which camera on a rotatable tripod place, for the video recording a one mirrored text display operate and the camera with the ignition synchronize in addition are added to.

This one has optionally on blowing examination automated at different temperatures for himself. In this the climatic boxes are opened automatically and the modules ignited without person use. A database function which permits to store possible assembly combinations of air bag generator top is accompanied by the program. Before an on blowing examination the bar codes of the individual components are read and compared with the database. It is checked that the components fitting each other were also obstructed. The result of the following visual inspection can be included in the protocol to hand of a polling list.