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Installation & Maintenance
Our engineers will support you not just with installation and startup but during the entire life cycle of the system to ensure optimum operation.

Keep your MESSRING products running and decide for our preventive maintenance services.

MESSRING provides for all its products comprehensive installation and startup services in the beginning as well as maintenance and support over the complete product life cycle.
Just contact us and we will find a customized solution for you according to your needs.
All services performed by MESSRING are characterized by the following qualities:

Short reaction times and fast availability
In case of emergencies or breakdowns quick assistance is good as gold.
Our employees are at the disposal of our customers, i.e., from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 18:00 CET.
Within the scope of maintenance contracts MESSRING even offers an guaranteed overnight services or guaranteed reaction times within 24/48 hours.

Global support
With a wide net of local distributors and partners MESSRING offers its excellent services all over the world. High-qualified employees on-site and local spare parts stores guarantee short downtimes in case of emergencies.

Long-term cooperation
Our goal are long-term solutions resulting in long-term partnerships with our customers.
This includes full service and assistance beyond the usual warranty periods. MESSRING offers different types of attractive maintenance and service contracts for complete facilities and test rigs, electronic systems and software products.
This service includes regular product maintenance, soft- and firmware updates, operation assistance, minor repairs and a quick response time.

Reliable partners
Since February 2003 the Bosch-Rexroth AG supports MESSRING in the field of test systems for passive safety and provides service for MESSRING’s crash test facilities in all countries, outside Europe.
Worldwide maintenance and repair service is carried out by more than 300 service offices, according to customer-specific standards, U.S. standards as well as Rexroth or MESSRING guidelines.

Service and support are also an important part of MESSRING’s cooperation with SIEMENS. MESSRING has about more than 10 years of experience with SIEMENS drive-systems and more than 20 years with SIEMENS controller-systems.
Devices of the DC drive-system SIMOREG DC MASTER and the controllers SIMATIC S7-300 and S7-400 have always been firm components of deliver for applications realized by MESSRING..
With our own externally certified laboratory, we can provide you with a full service for calibrating your data acquisition and transducer systems.

MESSRING offers calibration services for data acquisition systems, transducers and transducer systems.
Acting as an all-in-one supplier for services and products related to passive safety and crash testing MESSRING has its own calibration laboratory. Our laboratory is fully equipped for the accurate measurement and calibration of force, velocity, acceleration and displacement.
For alibrating data acquisition systems we are certified by DKD (Deutsche Kalibrierdienst, German Calibration Service) in voltage measurement.

The following dimensions are calibrated in-house at our site in Krailling:
  • Voltage (DKD calibration according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025; proprietary calibration according to ISO 9001)
  • Acceleration (proprietary calibration acc. to ISO 9001)
  • Forces / Moments (proprietary calibration acc. to ISO 9001)
  • Velocity (proprietary calibration acc. to ISO 9001)
  • Displacement (proprietary calibration acc. to ISO 9001)
  • Linear Transducers (proprietary calibration acc. to ISO 9001)
  • Belt Displacement (proprietary calibration acc. to ISO 9001)

    We also take care of your dummy fleet if you are using our M=BUS InDummy system.
    Send us your complete dummy and we do the calibration of the sensors and the M=BUS loggers as well as a verification of the entries in the TEDS. Of course, we can also arrange the dummy certification for you.
  • Customer Support
    From project consulting and training to application engineering, you can count on us to support you at every stage of planning and operation.

    Within more than 40 years of experience in the field of automotive safety as a manufacturer of turn-key crash facilities, electronic solutions and software which covers all facets of advanced testing MESSRING grows to a confident consultant for all major or minor projects of the passive and active safety.
    Our expert team of application engineers assists you during the project prearrangement and provides comprehensive solutions from the preliminary design to the final layout of testing facilities with all necessary components for specific tests.
    Moreover, confide MESSRING with the compilation of measuring equipment and its implementation in the hard- and software environment! Advanced technologies make testing easier and more efficient. Let us help you to find your future arrangement.

    Instant Service
    Call us and you will immediately get professional support by our qualified team of engineers, physicists and technicians.
    Find kind response for all your product related questions and service requests.
    We are confident in finding the perfect solution and giving tailored aid for any kind of request.
    Due to our extensive stock (1,000 square meters) we are able to offer spare parts worldwide, quickly and in an uncomplicated way.
    If assistance is necessary our service technicians will be on-site within 48 hours.
    With a world-wide net of local distributors and partners MESSRING guarantees excellent services by high-qualified employees combined with fast reaction times.

    Remote Support
    We are not only supporting you blindly via telephone. In case quick assistance is needed we use the latest video and web tools for on-screen support with nearly all advantages as being on-site. Operational assistance, fault analysis, software updates and training can easily be implemented this way. Again our customers benefit from fast reaction time.
    By means of company-owned analysis software, we are able to check our data acquisition systems, PC systems and PLC systems of crash test facilities worldwide from Germany via an internet connection and phone line.

    Product Training
    You want to be an expert and not only a user? ? MESSRING provides training courses for handling and control of all our products and systems.
    Ask for our standard or individual trainings. Comprehensiveness, content and attendance can be adapted to the customer’s needs. Of course, the courses can also be given at your site.
    We kindly keep our customers up-to-date! MESSRING’s regularly arranged User Meetings are the perfect platform for our customers to rise to speak. Do not miss the chance to give your own lecture or just get to know about the experiences of somebody else. Join discussions with other MESSRING users, take part in several workshops or product updates and enjoy our hospitality.

    Application Engineering
    Couldn’t you find what you are looking for, maybe the DAS Interfaces for your dummy? Or do you need a clever measurement solution for your special application?
    Do not hesitate to contact us and we will have a look at your problem whether it is a safety-related, industrial or medical one.
    We kindly assist you in finding the perfect solution for you.

    ATDs Checkup
    Send us your complete dummy and we take care of him with full service. If you are using an M=BUS InDummy system we do the calibration of sensors and M=BUS loggers as well as a verification of the entries in the TEDS.
    We also do mass property checks for best comparability and certainty about your values.
    Finally we check the cable routing and the general condition of the M=BUS installation and the dummy itself. Of course, we can also arrange the dummy certification for you.

    Products Checkup
    Irrespective of a maintenance contract all maintenance activities, repairs or calibrations and adjustments for all our products can be ordered.
    The system checkup contains a detailed inspection of the components and function. In case of deviations from the default functionality or an exceeded service interval all necessary actions are taken to update the system.
    This service includes cleaning, adjustments of the electronics, part exchange, firmware and software updates, calibration and reporting.