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Belt Displacement Transducer
Belt displacement sensor for measuring of the seat belt displacement during sled tests as well as in real crash tests.
  • Resolution 1 mm
  • Measuring range up to 2,000 mm
  • Measurements up to 50 m/s
  • Shockproof up to 100 G
  • Weight approximately 200 g
  • Integrated Dallas-ID module chip
  • For proper function adhesive labels with 500mm or 1,000mm length are available
  • Impact Analyer
    The Impact Analyzer is generally used for sled tests.
    It consists of 3 components: the raster, the laser unit and the PCMCIA plug-in card as an interface between the PC and the laser unit.
    The statuses of the lasers are transmitted via a PCMCIA interface to the PC of the system controller and analyzed there to determine the speeds. When used in a MESSRING facility the laser unit is connected to the system’s controller cabinet for the power supply and for the connection to the PLC.
    This allows to actuate the trigger manually. The connections “RS485” are connected via the PCMCIA adapter card to the facility control PC in the control room to analyze the flanks of the laser beams for the speed measurements.
    Seat Belt Load Cells
    Seat belt load cells with capacities from 250 N up to 25 kN.

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Available for fixed cable connection or cable ? quick change system
  • Steel, aluminium or titan body
  • Full bridge 350 Ohms
  • Signal approximately 2 mV/V
  • Single Beam Laser Speed Trap
    The laser beam is interrupted by a defined object and the time between two signal changes is measured at high resolution.
    The object in question could be, for example, a metal element with a precisely defined distance between two sharp edges, which is fixed to the vehicle and driven through the laser beam. The precision is in the region of 0.01 kph, up to a speed of 250 kph. The data are stored on the hard disk with a time-stamp.
    Power is supplied directly from the PC. Cables up to a length of 50m are therefore possible.
    Besides the laser unit and signal conditioning, the system consists of a stand of adjustable height, the precision measuring element, the measurement PCMCIA board, and the PC or base computer.
    Twin Beam Laser Speed Trap
    Stand-alone speed measurement system with 2 laser beams. No interference by lighting, flash lights or heat sources because of intensity modulated operating mode.

  • Fully automatic data transfer to CrashSoft 3 over Ethernet network
  • Easy to operate by touch-screen (tablet PC)
  • Measurement range >1 km/h
  • Accuracy: at 50 km/h ± 0,1 km/h, at 80 km/h ± 0,15 km/h
  • Load Cell Wall
    MESSRING load cell wall with M=BUS DAS and CrashSoft3

  • Integrated M=BUS DAS System
  • High resolution DMS Load Cells with 5 axis (3xForce, 2xMoment)
  • Simply wiring ? just Ethernet, power supply and trigger
  • Automatic recognition of load cell position
  • Automatic ISO label creation
  • Quick and easy cell replacement
  • Single cell calibration
  • Variable cell segmentation (8×8, 2×2, …)
  • 6 channel data acquisition (1 Logger/Cell)
  • Load cell weight 9kg
  • Load cell size: 125x125x160mm