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Jul - HMC Angular Car-To-Car crash facility upgrade
Mar - Cooperation with TecSA for Dynamometer
Mar - Cooperation with SECsas for Automotive Test System
May - Obtained the order for KATRI Horizontal Impactor
Jan - Sinwoo Engineering merged into ATS CO., Ltd.
Nov - Obtained the order for the SYMC Crash Facility
Apr - Additional Special Distributor contract with Nikon
Feb - Established ATS CO., Ltd.
Nov - Agent cooperation with Optronis for High-Speed Camera
Oct - Obtained the order for HMC Angular Car-to Car test facility
Jul - Relocated in new office and registration of factory
Jun - Registration of optical equipment manufacturer
Jun - Established a strategic alliance with Shanghai DMS, China
Apr - Gained TUV DIN EN ISO 9001, Germany
Mar - Registered supplier of public procurement
Oct - Industrial-educational cooperation with Inha Technical college
Sep - Agent cooperation with Falcon for Image Analysis Software
Apr - Agent cooperation with HuDe for Automotive Test Equipment
Jul - Distributor contract with Nikon for Microscope
May - Agent cooperation with Capacitec for Non-contact Capacitive ?Displacement System
Apr - Registration of a Association of Foreign Trading Agents of Korea
Mar - Agent Cooperation with MESSRING for Crash/Sled Test Facilities and the related Safety Test Equipments, etc.
Mar - Sinwoo Engineering was established based on 10years experience