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Automotive Division
A performance test and safety test equipment for vehicles (car, train and aircraft) and components (air bag, seat belt, brake etc.) are supplied of :
  • Crash simulation test facilities
  • Crash test facilities(Frontal, Rear, Side, Combined types and Car-To-Car)
  • Components test equipment for the related regulation of FMVSS, ECE etc.
  • Transducer and Sensor
  • High-speed camera
  • Data acquisition system with analysis program
  • Image analysis program
  • Build a Database and Network sever storage
  • A combined control program
  • Brake dynamometer
  • Brake test benches

  • Optical Division
    We have been supplying as follows.
  • Stereoscopic Microscopes
  • Nikon Measuring Microscopes
  • Profile Projectors
  • Industrial Microscopes
  • All kind of the components such as illuminations and lenses etc.
  • Digital camera and measuring software

  • We will provide you with all of our efforts, the highest technical skills and very best customer service from investigating and choosing test equipment to follow-up service.
    We would appreciate all of our customers supporting us and we wish you showed a great interest in us now and forever.